Saten Warm Wax with Resin 270gr

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With the fresh-soap like Saten fragrance feel the clean smelling fresh experience. Gently and effectively remove unwanted hair from your body and provide a long lasting silk-like effect for your skin. Vitamin E which helps providing your skin to be soft and smooth while moisturizing it and contributes to protect your skin against environmental factors with anti-oxidizing effect. And also bisabolol which helps alleviation of skin irritation. 

All our Saten products provide the long lasting silk-like effect for your skin. 
Satin like skin!Depilatory warm wax provides the removal of short hair especially with the resin in its formulation. 
With the orange fragrance it will also be a nice smelling fresh experience. With the help of the spatula and the cotton strips it removes unwanted hair from the body and provides the long lasting silk-like effect for your skin
  • Turkish