Kemal Kukrer

Kemal Kükrer, with its history of over 100 years, is the first name that you will come across in the history of vinegar.

The adventure of Kemal Kükrer started with the production of grape vinegar in two tailor-made oak barrels at the ground floor of his house in Eskişehir in 1915. Established in the first years of the Republic of Turkey in a small neighborhood of Eskişehir and extending beyond its borders as a major brand to the international markets with many different products, Kemal Kükrer continues to offer products with the same naturalness and quality of its first years.

The innovative and dynamic structure of Kemal Kükrer has turned it into one of the most reliable brands of Turkey in the relevant markets. The brand is the first and only brand to make vinegar from grapes, apples and other fruits with natural and slow corn fermentation method. It is also the first to offer products such as pomegranate molasses, isot pepper hot sauce, pickles made with grape vinegar, honey apple vinegar and garlic sauce to the Turkish people.

focusing on quality and R&D activities with its innovative approach, Kemal Kükrer continues its production with 3 plants and over a surface area of 28,000 square meters and with a capacity of 50,000 tons. Attracting a great attention in the international markets with its exportation to more than 30 countries, Kemal Kükrer turns local and historical tastes into quality products just like introducing a local taste “Pomegranate Molasses” to Turkey. Always aiming for excellence with its sensitive quality control methods implemented at every stage of the production starting with the fruit selection, which is conducted with the motto “questioning the source of every grape”, Kemal Kükrer continues to take firm steps towards the future just as it did in the past.


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