Duru Extra Extra Coarse Bulgur (Basbasi Bulgur) 1000g

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Extra extra coarse bulgur is a wholegrain type of bulgur which looks like whole wheat which delicious and more nutritious. It is a special bulgur type for Duru whose popularity increases everyday.

Serving size: 60 gr. 

Nutrition facts are calculated on 60 gr. Dry material.

NutrientsAmount% Daily Value*
Calories 208 10.4%
Fat 1.0 g 1.5%
Carbohydrate 41.6 g 13.4%
Sugar 1.7 g 1.8%
Fiber 4.9 g 19.6%
Protein 6.6 g 13.2 %
Salt 0.04 g 1.7 %

Preparation Tip for Product

Don’t wash and soak prior to cooking. When cooking bulgur, please use 2 cups of hot water for each cup of bulgur you want to cook.


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