Yoruk Honey With Comb (Petekli Bal) 1 lb

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Honey With Comb (Petekli Bal) 

 As one of the most ancient foods in existence, honey is an exceptional food for a number of reasons. It never spoils and needs no refrigeration. It is also a virtual powerhouse of nutrition, containing fructose, glucose, enzymes, valuable vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Bonus points for honey: fat free, cholestrol free, and a sodium free food!

Yoruk Pure Honey with or without the honeycomb, is delicious on toast or biscuits for a breakfast meal; drizzle a little honey over cream cheese or yogurt for a different sweet treat. Use Yoruk Honey in sauces, dressings and marinades, or add a tablespoonful to hot milk for a comforting drink. For a quick lunch, use mashed banana, honey and almond butter on whole grain bread as a meal.

Country of Origin:
  • American