Where the generous Mediterranean sun shines over Lebanon, the nostalgic taste of home gives rise to the Lebanese soul. With natural grace and beauty, our beloved and abundant land continues to feed us wholesome goodness.

In 1925, the pine-forested hills of Brummana witnessed the blossoming of the great Cortas venture, when Emile Cortas used to assist his mother in preserving the apricot crop. The jam was an immediate success among family and friends, and the delightful preserve quickly became the talk-of-the-town.

In 1926, Emile journeyed to Ireland for an apprenticeship in jam-making. Upon his return, he founded the Cortas Canning Company with his younger brother, Michel, a chemistry graduate from the American University of Beirut. From that time onwards, the business started flourishing, to offer a variety of products such as tomato paste, vegetables, fruit syrups, and more. 

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