Doganay Hot Turnip Juice - Salgam Suyu (Acili) 1lt

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Doğanay turnip juice is a fermentation product just like yoghurt, cheese and vinegar, which is a result of extremely long, arduous and demanding production process including fermentation of black carrot, hot chili peppers, water, salt and pounded whole-wheat as its main ingredients.

A big portion of its black carrots used for turnip juice is planted on the 2000-decare land located within Ereğli, Konya. Under control of our agricultural engineers in the same region company supplies the remaining need for black carrots from the farms. Carrots harvested from the field are washed without human touch in the agricultural plant, then transported to Adana factory for processing. After classification and separation, carrots are subjected to a second cleaning and washing process and get ready for production. All process- es are carried-out under the company’s in-house control procedures and in alignment with its quality policy. Black carrots’ purple-like color is known to have positive effects on human health. The high concentration of sugar within black carrot -main ingredient of the turnip juice- is neutralized in the fermentation process by yeast, then converted into lactic acid. Thus, bacteria that converts sugar into lactic acid continue their effect inside the human body and eliminate excess sugar. Therefore, the juice is good for diabetic consumption.

Consume the beverage cold.


Some of the benefits of turnip juice;
Turnip juice is good for stomach and liver, contains Group-B vitamins, alleviates nervousness, contains calcium, potassium and

iron, strengthens bones and teeth, produces aphrodisiac effect, and lactic acid in the juice eases digestion, positive effects on bower, prevents constipation, helps weight loss, eliminates toxins in the body, relieves stress, good for the vision and diabetes. These effects are known by the local folks drinking turnip juice for years.

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